Let's Talk: Intuitives, Light Workers, Tarot Readers, Spiritual Practitioners, etc.

I've always had a strong intuition about me. Maybe it's my Pisces placements? I actually believe that everyone with a soul has the ability to tap into the forces outside of our material world. Where I'm from, we call it "vibes". Yoda calls it the Force 😋 Think about where the saying "gut instinct" comes from. Our nervous system is already in tune with this energy, and the more we learn to trust it, the easier it becomes to navigate through this beautiful realm we occupy. We have more than 5 senses, fuck what you heard! 😂

For me, my intuition speaks loudest through my dreams. I write a lot of poetry in the dream state. I keep an amethyst crystal under my pillow and a notebook and pen beside my bed so I can jot down my dreams as I wake. Sometimes I rise with a poem on my lips, kind of like when an old song gets stuck in your head, and as I wake up, I'm reciting it out loud with this urgent need to write it down or record it in my voice notes. I truly believe messages from Spirit come through me when this happens. I'm merely a vessel with a pen and a purpose to share. 

I also have normal dreams! I feel a distinction between regular dreams and psychic visions that I can't always articulate with words. It just FEELS different in my bones when I wake. In November 2019, I dreamed of a plague breaking out and people around the world dropping dead, and everyone staying home. COVID-19 impacted my region of the world (Toronto, Canada) in March 2020. So I don't take these visions lightly. I also dreamed of family members passing away days, even hours before they did cross over. These dreams were stronger in childhood, weakest when I was in my early 20s and partying a lot, and in recent years have begun to strengthen again as I meditate regularly, ground myself, keep my aura and Home clean, and talk to God.

So if you feel like you have these intuitive abilities, but aren't sure how to nurture the gift, my advice would be to quiet the ego, learn the soul. You can start to do this through meditation and self-reflection. Eat clean, live clean. Give thanks to God, the Universe, or whatever Divine Higher power that you connect with. Ask your Guides and ancestors for guidance. Most importantly, be aware of what forces you're tapping into. Not every spirit out there is love and light, you feel me? Trust that gut instinct. If something stirs up fear in your body, it's not for you, and you can leave it where you found it by saying "I return all negative energy back to its source". Take regular spiritual baths and cleanse your Home. Whenever I capitalize "home", I'm referring to more than just the physical walls that shelter you. But also those walls... You'll know when something IS for you when you get a warm, safe feeling and also chills or goosebumps. 

I want to shout out some of my favourite energy workers to check out. They have plenty of content on their YouTube channels, Patreons and social media for you to learn about this spiritual life. There's a whole lotta cap on the internet, so please use discernment when seeking information in general, but especially of this nature. There are some "spiritualists" out there with huge followings who I don't fuck with at all... so listen to your body and how it responds when you're on someone's page. 


  1. Tabisha Bond CLICK HERE
  2. Tarot by Bronx CLICK HERE
  3. Mystical Mermaid CLICK HERE
  4. Sosena CLICK HERE
  5. Starr (Celestial Tarot) CLICK HERE
  6. Maryam Hasnaa CLICK HERE

Please, feel free to share some more names and contact details of your faves in the comments :) I will come back and add to this list if I trust and vibe with them. 


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