Water Me Hair Care

Hi, I'm Courtney. In 2018, I created Water Me Hair Care with the mission to simplify the natural hair care journey. 

Growing up with big, curly hair had its challenges, especially during a time when young Black girls were constantly reminded that we were not beautiful enough in our natural state. After years of fighting with brushes, conditioners, relaxers, and gels, I finally decided to surrender to my curls (or what was left of them). I did the Big Chop in 2008. 

I kept a Natural Hair Care Journal and logged every product that touched my curls- how my hair felt before, during and after. The name "Water Me" was first inspired by my self-care routine. I would play the song "Water Me" by FKA Twigs while spritzing my house plants and curls with a water bottle, dancing around my apartment. 

Eventually I banned all alcohols, sulfates and parabens from my hair care regimen, and my curls thanked me for it! My overwhelming roster of hair products began to shrink as my routine simplified down to 3 easy steps: cleanse, moisturize, protect.

I spent the past 10 years twisting my hair out with a homemade, whipped blend of Shea butter, coconut oil, and whatever other oils my curls needed at the time, experimenting, researching and recording how my curls responded along the way. This routine taught me that everyone's hair is unique with its own set of needs, and that, just as we are constantly evolving beings, our hair can grow and change, too, with us. 

Today, my natural curly hair is full, healthy, and 24 inches long!

When you care for your natural hair, you grow to love & appreciate your crown. In turn, your hair grows to love you back! Water Me Hair Care was created to make caring for your natural hair a simple, convenient and personal journey. I am so happy to share these natural products with you all! Head to the Shop section of the website to explore the line of Water Me natural hair care products :)