Courtney Space, author of poetry books Mirrors & Smoke and Hallways. Black and Indigenous female poet and author from Toronto.


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Reading your work gives me chills. I really love what you've been doing


You speak with no fear and yet you hold back still. I love how your pen moves and the words it creates 


An amazing, worth-while read. This poetry book has this magical way of packing in so much depth in such a small number of words. The poems also seem so vulnerable and personal and close to the writer, yet are so relatable. 


Your book was a real help to a friend of mine in need!


Your art never fails to move me


Reflective in a genuine organic manner. Really moving and inspiring.


Beautiful poems, so relatable for anyone who has loved, or had their heart broken


Mirrors & Smoke

Mirrors & Smoke by Courtney Space. Through poetry, prose and illustrations, I share my spiritual journey to self-discovery, and how I navigated addiction, learned mental wellness, self-love and resilience. Illustrated by Mia Ohki

Mirrors & Smoke

Hallways by Courtney Space is a collection of poetry. I share my experiences growing up in Toronto, learning to come to peace with loss and death, while discovering my own magic and divinity in this world.68 pages. Cover art by Les Soeurs