Pssst... healing isn’t linear 😌

I’m feeling called lately to share some game when it comes to healing and spiritual awakening. Like I said in my last post, I’ve always felt tuned in spiritually since I was a young child, but my real Awakening “started” in 2015 (I’ll get to this in a later post). Today, I pretty much surround myself with other people who have leveled up spiritually, so when I talk to people who are just starting to scratch the surface of this lifestyle, I realize that some truths I’ve collected along my way that I now innerstand as “basic” might actually be new information for a lot of people who need to hear it. And I use quotations around “started” my spiritual journey because 🚨Breaking News: we’re all already on our journeys! Even if we don’t consciously realize it yet.

Now, by no means am I attempting to come across like an expert on spirituality because first of all what an enormous word and concept. Secondly, you already have all this information inside of you, and anyone who tries to make you feel like a newbie or in need of their authority to find your own spiritual path is an ego-driven scammer who you should stay away from.

You already have the information inside of you, and all these tools you might read about are just that- tools. You don’t need to go buy a bunch of crystals and sage and tarot cards when you first start out on your spiritual journey. If you feel called to these tools, then of course follow the calls of your heart. But know you can accomplish a whole lot with just a quiet mind. 

Healing is not linear. It’s more like a Wonkavator. Or a circle. Same goes for your spiritual journey. You will grow and learn truths about yourself and feel like you’re elevating, then one day you might participate in low vibrational behaviour and feel like a failure. When this happens, forgive yourself, be mindful of the words you speak to yourself. Gently acknowledge that you’ve steered a little off course, and remind yourself of the person you are meant to be. Queues Aaliyah - Try Again 🎶 If an old lesson comes back to test you, don’t get mad! Be grateful for the opportunity to revisit the truths and unlearn the old patterns that no longer serve you.

This applies to anyone in any stage of your individual healing journey. As we enter the Age of Aquarius I’m feeling more of the collective wake and start to embark on this beautiful path, and it’s such a hopeful, light blue feeling. If you have knowledge from years of experience of late nights staying up with the moon, then we need you to share your tips and help usher in this new wave of inquisitive energy with compassion, empathy and patience. And if you’re just starting to Google things like “how to cleanse your aura” keep going! Keep a journal so you can look back and see your growth. And you’ll see it’s not a straight line at all. 

Healing is not linear by House of Dee

image from House of Dee 🙏🏽💕

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